The world's 1st Autonomous Electric Tractor

Ztractor team develops Autonomous Electric Tractors (AETs) to increase farming efficiency, productivity, safety on the field while reducing production cost and environmental footprint. The novelty technology is the first practical step to decarbonizing the agriculture industry, the third-largest contributor to carbon emissions on earth.

$1.6M Raised in pre-seed funding

A usage economy platform

Founded in 2019 with the strapline “Own less, live more”, TULU exists to provide tenants in the buildings with on-demand access to thousands of electrical appliances, groceries, entertainment devices and other commonly needed household items.

$4.8M Raised to date

An artist monetization platform

trac provides the virtual infrastructure every artist and their teams need to easily monetize their content, name, and likeness directly with their fans. The company plans to tokenize the economy around the artist, using smart contracts and the blockchain.

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$2.5M Raised in 2022

AI-powered KYC & identity verification

Identomat helps companies to enable seamless remote customer onboarding, biometric authentication, age verification, and fraud prevention with the AI-powered Identity Verification & KYC/AML Compliance Software as a Service.

$3.2M Raised in seed round as the first Georgian-American company

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